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We have been organically growing our #Foodiechats Nation for over 9-years, live and online.

We've host our weekly Monday 

Twitter Chat which brings

people and brands together, since 2011.

We have traveled the country

hosting events and meeting

1000's of people within



You get to do what you love, and partner with our brands! 

We pride ourselves on working with brands and influencers

that compliment each other.

We consistently have influencer opportunities with our brand partners. 


In the Influencer world today, brands are looking past the number of followers an Influencer has, because engagement is more valuable.


We will consult you on how to grow your audience and engagement within your social media channels.


You've built up a large following online but don't know where to go from here?


We will work with you and how you can build a sustainable and achievable plan to consistently gain opportunities with the brands you love.

“As an influencer, we recognized that everyone is in need of support, and this is why we created the #Foodiechats Influencer Community” - Steve Green, CEO 


Joining our community means that you have a chance to improve your professional and personal network.


One of the most important things about networking within our community, is that you can get your name known by like- minded people who may have new connections for you. And ideally, you can return the favor for others.  


We pitch you to our brand sponsors, so when we invite you to join a campaign, it’s because we’ve identified, vetted and selected you personally for a program we believe aligns well with you and our brand partners! 

Thank you for your interest in joining #Foodiechats Nation. Each submission is reviewed carefully. Please add #Foodiechats to your Instagram tag list. Best, Steve Green CEO



  • Be an active influencer with a minimum of 4000+ followers on Instagram, Twitter or TikTok to be considered for our Influencer programs.

  • Must have an even ratio of engagement to match your overall follower number.

  • We look at Like and Comment ratios, on all platforms. 

  • Must create unique content on social platforms.

  • Must share your reporting stats post-campaigns.

  • Most importantly, be ready to join an amazing, successful, and creative nationwide community. 


Thank you for your interest in joining our community.  All submissions are reviewed by our Executive Team.


Once we match you with an active partner program, we will be in touch with you. 

Thank you, 

Steve Green

Founder / CEO

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